Solo Trip

When it comes to traveling solo, there are lots of factors which need to be taken into consideration. By doing some initial research and asking yourself a few questions you can quickly build up a plan for the perfect trip. First of all, ask yourself the following issues:

1. What interests you? (tv shows, architecture, art, books, sports, etc. )
2. Where do you want to visit? (list a few countries)
3. How long do you want your trip to last?
4. What activities do you want to go on? (list things you like to do)

Write down all your answer, and then you can go about your research further.

As an example, I am going to answer them honestly myself. I like TV shows like Game of Thrones and all the period drama shows like Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice or anything by Jane Austen. I am also into the Vintage clothing. Sports wise I love cycling, tennis, and swimming. I also like architecture and old buildings and can appreciate good art. Places I would like to visit include England, Ireland, France and the Caribbean. I have only a week and activities wise I am up for anything. Water sports, tours, cycling, lazing on a beach and sightseeing. I love it all.

So let’s list my answers and see what I can come up with:


Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
Vintage clothing
Jane Austen




Water sports
Lazing on a beach

how to plan a solo trip

Taking a look at my list, I decided to see if there are any solo cycling holidays in France and with a few clicks on Google I have found a website which offers just this. Only cycling holidays in France. I would want to do some more research on the company and check out reviews, but straight away I have one trip idea.

On some further searches, I have found another perfect trip idea. As I love English dramas like Downton Abbey and the regency period and architecture in general, a trip to England would be perfect. P and P tours offer elite tours which include a chauffeur, arrangement of air travel and tours which could include a visit to Longbourn which is the house used of Pride & Prejudice.

Another option is a lazy beach holiday in the Caribbean with water sports galore to keep me entertained. Again there are travel companies that offer just this and specialize in solo travel. I suspect you can get any holiday these days which cater to singles.

You can find pretty much anything with good old Google. The internet has changed the way we book holidays. The majority of us book our holidays online because it is cheaper full stop. There is a just a small percentage still going to local travel agency shops on the high street, but most of us compare and buy online.

Enjoy your dream holiday and don’t worry about being alone. I am often asked why I am single, and I often reply “I’m not single, I’m in a long term relationship with adventure and fun!”