Romantic Getaway

If you’re currently loved up and looking to get away for the summer – why not try a romantic holiday? There are thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide that specialize exclusively in providing for couples, and the vast majority of them do not allow children. They’re quiet, peaceful and intensely romantic. This is the kind of holiday where you can be as ‘noisy’ as you like and nobody will mind – within reason. If you want two person bathtubs, roaring fireplaces and king size duvets – it’s got to be a couples getaway. Fortunately, it’s easy to organize a romantic trip. Here’s how you can plan for the most romantic holiday of your life.

Keep It Simple

If your main aim is romance, you’re going to want to keep things relatively quiet. Pick a resort or a hotel with lots of activities and attractions, but avoid tourist traps and locations with raucous nightlife. Go for small, intimate bars and candlelit restaurants. If you are only interested in each other, the destination won’t matter too much. It just has to be beautiful, relaxing and super friendly

keeping it simple

Talk About It

This isn’t going to work if your romantic getaway has been planned as a surprise for your other half, but if it hasn’t – it can be a good idea to talk about things first. You don’t have to pick apart the whole trip, just have a little discussion about what you both want to get out of it. Are you both content to stay in the hotel spending time alone with each other, or do you want to balance romance with exploration? You don’t want to jet off somewhere expecting a week of isolation, only to find out that your partner wants to play tourist.

talking about it

Be Spontaneous

Try not to plan every aspect of your getaway – leave room for spontaneous activities and trips. Unexpected memories are the very best kind, and they’ll be the ones that make your holiday, says Ask Men journalist Sarah Stefanson. If your other half wants to go on a boat trip, indulge them. If one night you fancy staying in a beach tent beneath the stars, don’t worry about the logistics – just do it. You can’t plan romance so just let what’s going to happen, happen naturally.

Be Spontaneous

Ask For Special Treatment

When booking your hotel, don’t be afraid to ask about their unique features, says journalist Susan Breslow Sardone. Many hotels have romantic two person bathtubs or showers, flower and champagne delivery services, individual massage sessions and private Jacuzzis. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. You might have to pay a little extra, but it’ll be worth it just to see the smile on your partner’s face when you lead them to a private Jacuzzi room.

Special Treatment

Utilize Your Destination

If you’re staying by the coast – why not find a secluded beach and take an evening stroll, followed by a sunset picnic? If you’re in the city, find a beautiful park and get your partner for a leisurely walk or a boat trip on the lake. Absolutely anything can be made romantic. It’s not the environment that creates the romance – it’s you. If you both enjoy hiking or mountain climbing, incorporate it into your trip. You could climb a beautiful peak and drink a glass of champagne at the summit. The best romantic getaways are those that allow both partners to do what it is they love. Doing it together is what makes it super special.