Health Insurance

If your future is secure, you have a peace of mind. It’s also important to protect your family from the financial burden of paying huge medical bills in the event of the unexpected. When you decide to take a health insurance in CA, make sure you get the right amount of cover matched with the correct policy. An insurer usually develops a financial structure, like the monthly premium payment of payroll tax, by estimating the health care and health system costs.

Forms of Premium

The obligation of the insured individual or group may take different forms:
1. A premium is the most common form. This is the amount a sponsor pays to a health plan so that beneficiaries can afford to buy health coverage.

2. Insured individuals may opt for a deductible system where they pay a certain amount either per month or annually before the insurance company pays its share.

3. Co-payment is another format where you pay a certain amount for a medical service and the insurer pays the balance.

4. Exclusions are forms where an individual is only covered for certain medical services only. You’ll be required to pay other uncovered services from your pocket.

Insurance Dos and Don’t

Health Insurance Plan
Here are some dos and don’ts when you decide to buy health insurance in CA.

1. Balance the benefit of your policy versus the impact on your pocket presently. Work out what you can spend on medical cover per month and try to use comprehensive policies that cover both life and health.

2. Do live a healthier life because it makes things cheaper. The more you live a healthier life the lower you will pay for medical cover. Monthly premiums increase with age and lifestyle. Smokers and those who have a risky occupation tend to pay more.

3. Do understand what happens if your insurer goes bust. Check whether your insurance company is backed up by a financial compensation scheme. In the unlikely event the go into default, the scheme will find another provider or a substitute policy.

4. Do only get cover for as long as is needed and for the relevant individuals. If you are taking a cover for your children, try and cover them until they no longer depend on you.

5. Use a cheap broker. These agents can negotiate for great commissions. However, ensure you are dealing with reputable companies that have a history of paying claims.

6. Don’t assume that joint cover is the same as two singles. If you are a couple, a joint policy is cheaper, however, get a quote for joint and single policies and work out which one is beneficial.

7. Don’t over or under cover yourself. Bear in mind that you might already be covered by your employer.

8. Don’t get into critical illness policies without a proper advice. The best option would be to get a level term cover and an income protection cover which does protect you from a range of eventualities.

The price of health and life insurance is affected by the increase in demand, new treatments and a need for more sophisticated medical testing. Visit David Ernstam Financial and Insurance website and find flexible and innovative products that might interest you and your family.